Compactors & Tampers

truper hand tamper plate 10x10

Truper Hand Tamper Plate 10x10

Manufacturer: Truper

Model Number: KR-2L-C

This tamper is ideal for tamping asphalt, gravel, stone and dirt. The high quality ash handle is flexible and durable. The heavy 10.6 lb. steel head makes a great tool for heavy duty construction, industrial and commercial applications.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour             24 Hour             Week             Month

$5.75                 $7.75                    $25.75           $77.75

plate compactor with water tank

Plate Compactor with Water Tank 18"

Manufacturer: Multiquip

Model Number: MVC82VHW

Recognized as the industry standard for compacting granular soils and asphalt. Anti-vibration handle dramatically reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour          24 Hour          Week            Month

$55.75            $75.75            $250.75         $750.75

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