Augers & Post Hole Diggers

auger bit 24"

Auger Bit 24"

Manufacturer:  Bobcat

Dig holes with speed and plumb-line accuracy using a Bobcat auger attachment. Using heavy-duty hydraulics, the auger attachment bites into any soil condition with ease and efficiency. Even in hard and rocky soil, the high torque keeps the auger steady and powerful to maintain performance.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour          24 Hour          Week            Month

$20.00            $35.00           $105.00         $315.00

hydraulic earthdrill

Hydraulic Earthdrill Honda

Manufacturer:  Ground Hog

Model Number: HD99-H

The Ground Hog HD99 is a Towable Hydraulic Earthdrill that is designed to be powerful, easy to use and require very little maintenance. The HD99 is the most powerful earthdrill in the Ground Hog line. With it's 9hp Honda or Subaru engine, the HD99 can easily dig with any Ground Hog auger up to 18 inches in diameter. The use of hydraulics allows the HD99 to have variable auger speed and reverse which is very useful if the auger gets stuck.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour          24 Hour          Week          Month

$75.75            $95.75            $285.75       $855.75

one-man earthdrill hand-held

One-Man Earthdrill Hand-Held

Manufacturer: Ground Hog

Model Number: 1M5C

The Ground Hog Model 1M5C is a rugged and reliable mechanical one-man earth drill that puts the power of our two-man earth drill in the hands of one operator. Power is transferred to the gearbox through an automotive-type tubular driveshaft with heavy duty U-joints and carrier bearings. The 1M5C uses heavy duty steel construction throughout and a right angle frame design that minimizes operator fatigue by eliminating torque kick back.

The large pneumatic tires on the 1M5C make the unit easy to maneuver around the jobsite whether it be hard ground, loose soil or grass. All of the operator controls are conveniently located at the handlebars and the handlebars can pivot to different positions to allow for normal digging as well as close-up digging allowing you to dig right up next to obstacles such as walls or fences.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour          24 Hour           Week           Month

$55.75           $75.75               $230.75        $695.75

two-man earthdrill - Honda engine

Two-Man Earthdrill - Honda Engine

Manufacturer: Ground Hog

Model Number: C-71-5H

The Ground Hog C-71-5 is a two-man earth drill designed to deliver years of reliable service with superior performance. It has been a proven performer for over 40 years. It's rugged design promotes durability and requires very little maintenance.

The heart of this unit is our time-tested transmission. The transmission is an efficient worm drive design utilizing alloy steel shafts, large tapered roller bearings and our standard 7/8" square auger drive.

Aluminum castings are used throughout the C-71-5's construction to produce a unit that is both strong and lightweight. The C-71-5 uses an air cooled centrifugal clutch and a trigger-type, return-style throttle. Both operator positions are equipped with individual stop switches and tubular steel handlebars.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour          24 Hour          Week            Month

$75.75           $95.75             $285.75          $855.75

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