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framing nailer

Framing Nailer

Manufacturer:  Bostitch Tools

Whether you are framing, sheathing, subflooring or bracing, BOSTITCH makes a framing nailer that's right for you. Our framing nailers' unbeatable power-to-weight ratio helps you complete all-day jobs.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour          24 Hour          Week             Monthly

$25.75            $30.75           $95.75              $290.75

18-guage brad nailer 2-1/8"

18-Guage Brad Nailer 2-1/8"

Manufacturer: Senco Fasteners & Tools

The FinishPro 18BMg is a full length 2 1/8" gauge brad nailer. It is extremely lightweight with a magnesium body, virtually maintenance free with oil free operation, and is equipped with a nose mounted LED light to help illuminate dark work spaces. A feature-rich tool designed and built for the professional.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour          24 Hour           Week           Month

$25.75           $30.75              $95.75         $290.75

angled nailer

Angled Nailer

Manufacturer:  Senco Fasteners & Tools

The FinishPro42XP has established itself as the marquee tool for professional finish carpenters. The FinishPro42XP has great durability and superior performance.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour          24 Hour          Week           Month

$25.75            $30.75            $95.75          $290.75

coil roofing nailer

Coil Roofing Nailer

Manufacturer:  Bostitch Tools

This coil roofing nailer has a durable aluminum housing and a one-door loading system for fast reloading. It has a dry-fire lock out to prevent dry firing and to alert the user to reload the magazine. Depend on this coil roofing nailer for durability and comfort.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour           24 Hour          Week           Month

$25.75             $30.75             $95.75         $290.75

pneumatic Fooring Nailer

Pneumatic Flooring Nailer

Manufacturer:  Bostitch Tools

BOSTITCH flooring nailers and flooring staplers are ergonomically designed for ease-of-use. Built for durability, our nailers will withstand the wear and tear of any jobsite, and feature bumpers to protect pre-finished floors against marring.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour          24 Hour          Week            Month

$25.75            $35.75           $107.75          $323.75

gas air compressor 6.5 hp

Gas Air Compressor 6.5 hp

Manufacturer: Mi-T-M

Model Number: AM1-PH65-08M

Quality cast iron single stage compressor. Splash lubricated cast iron crankcase to extend the hours of performance. Cast iron head for heat dissipation. Stainless-steel braided discharge hose. Large canister intake filter. Oil level sight indicator.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour          24 Hour          Week           Month

$25.75            $35.75           $125.75        $375.75

electric air compressor 2 hp

Electric Air Compressor 2 hp

Manufacturer: Mi-T-M

Model Number: AM1-HE02-05M

Quality single stage compressor. Stainless-steel braided discharge hose. Oil lubricated aluminum crankcase. Aluminum head for heat dissipation. Cast iron cylinder. Inlet air filter.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour           24 Hour           Week          Month

$20.75             $25.75             $75.75         $225.75

air compressor hose

Air Compressor Hose

Manufacturer:  Mi-T-M

Model Number: 01-001

Ideal for most compressor lines and pneumatic tools. Non-conductive oil and abrasion resistant outer cover.

Rental Rates:

24 Hour             Week             Month

$3.00                   $12.00            $36.00

air roof nailer

Air Roof Nailer

Manufacturer: Senco Fasteners & Tools

Model Number: XP455

Step up to the tough and dependable RoofPro 455XP Coil Nailer. It's loaded with the features you asked for, yet is light enough for one-handed operation.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour          24 Hour          Week          Month

$25.75           $30.75              $92.75         $278.75

towable compressor

Compressor Towable

Manufacturer: Chicago Pneumatics

Model Number: CPG 25

Powered by Isuzu and Kubota engines, this range of portable compressors is typically used to drive various types of pneumatic tools. The Chicago Pneumatic MiniSkid series of compressors are designed to be mounted on work trucks and utility trailers.

Rental Rates:

4 Hour           24 Hour          Week          Month

$80.75            $115.75           $350.75      $1,050.75

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